Paradigm Shift: Fuck Social Work

Today was a breaking point and awakening for me.

[They] don’t pay me enough to stress over a bunch of spoiled juvenile miscreants and to assist in babysitting them with their silly ass behaviors.

Thought it’d be a good idea to break into the field, but nah, I’m meant to go on out and bring about this business of my own cause I’ve ran out of my carebear stares with this gig. I know when I’m done and over with something, I no longer find value in the work anymore. ESPECIALLY if it’s triggering me to feel unhealthy and not receiving the proper care and attention that I need in order support these kids in need.

I’m unfit, and fine with it. I’m just glad that I’m aware of it and gathered the experience that I needed along the way. Learned a lot but also OUTgrew a lot from the position.

On to master and hone my business skills to make this skrilla and work on endeavors that ignite my passion.

My New Years starts now. Fuck January 1st, b.

Leftology: "Bitch Bad": Misogyny, Misappropriated Anger and “Me-ism”


Before we get started, allow me to define “Me-ism” to all of you that have no idea of what in the hell I am talking about. “Me-ism” (as defined by LEFT) is a quasi-narcissistic obsession with one’s perspective, marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur. This megalomaniac…

Stop me if you've heard this one: To those girls who insist they are not like other girls


I was one of those girls who insisted that I was not like other girls. I was smart and bookish, couldn’t give a wit about boys, loved science fiction, and filled my iPod with classic rock. Unlike them, I was an original.

Those other girls? They were boy crazy and vapid, shallow and self-centered….


The phrase, “musical genius,” is thrown around like so often that the term of endearment has lost its meaning. In the case of Stevie Wonder, “musical genius,” could quite possibly be an understatement. Here I present to you one of my favorite songs, gifted to humankind by the genius, Stevie Wonder. The title of this piece is, Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer.

Your Personality by birthday: 10 December the birthday of calm intensity


Your greatest challenge is…

coping with rejection

The way forward is…

to remind yourself that everyone gets knocked back at some point in their lives. The difference between success and failure is whether or not they get back up and try again.

You’re drawn to people born on…

Brené Brown: Listening to shame

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity & change. Brené Brown: Listening to shame

Leftology: Frank Ocean: Bad Religion, Taxi Cab Confessions And Unrequited Love


Frank Ocean: Bad Religion, Taxi Cab Confessions And Unrequited Love

On July 4, 2012 Odd Future member/ Def Jam recording artist Frank Ocean announced via his Tumblr that he was involved in a homonormative relationship with an unnamed man (the ambiguity of the “coming out” letter…

why would one want to be unwanted?
gravity’s bad timing pulls me toward
your direction & here we are giving
these peculiar moments meaning.

i never had to question these things
before. bravery had no part in my
wide-eyed leaps once upon a time &
suddenly i’m a victim to this unwavering
feeling of love.

frantically, i look for ways to throw
rain in your sunny afternoon & prepare
my heart for the crash in advance as you
separate far as possible… not giving this
any hope of life.

it’s best i suppose.


oh, the allegedly healthy unrequited kind.

tug a single thread & it unravels, exposing
a sock full of poignant bullshit

pretending to be emotionally anaemic to
the fact that what you see in people are
(in)direct reflections of yourself.
if there is something that you don’t like
& are complaining about it,

n e w s f l a s h

you’re seeing yourself.
you’re whining about yourself.

burying it will never lessen its actuality.

so you beat around the bush, hoping your
false projected emotions transpire through
some empty attention seeking
oh, how useful
as useful as mind reading.
hope dimmed by your choiceless decision
to face yourself.
to face me.

intrigued, i sit back & watch
you continuously beat that bush
eventually enough beatings will
fracture it’s ability or set it ablaze &
who the fuck
are you